Thursday, June 14, 2007

Two Double-edged Daggers

My favourite edged weapons always have been swords and double-edged daggers. Although I never yet have owned the sword of my dreams, I did manage to acquire a few good daggers. This photograph shows two daggers. Ostensibly similar to some extent in shape and general design, they yet are very different.

The one on the left is one of the few made by P. Baretta, a company known primarily for its firearms. It has the Baretta signature on it, but the 440 steel blade was made by Seki of Japan. It was a very limited production. Evidently, the cost of production far outweighed the purchase price!

The dagger on the right was made by Charlton Limited, a company that specialised in Damascus steel. It cannnot quite be classified as an 'artist knife' because Charlton hired a number of specialists to make their damascus steel, but nonetheless is a handmade dagger. I believe that the handle on each of these knives is made of ebony. Originally I intended to set a moonstone or star ruby in the pommel of the Charlton dagger to conceal a small defect in the wood, but never did so.

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