Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sgian Dubh or Skean Dheu

This is a handmade Sgian Dubh or Skean Dheu, a traditional Scottish design for a knife worn in the stocking. In other cultures, it would be called a boot knife. This particular knife has a stag antler sheath and handle, as well as a leather scabbard fitted with an antler toggle. The design was intended to honour the strength and beauty of the stag as the traditional king of the forest. Every detail of this knife was carefully chosen, from the spacers to the heavy decorative brass pins. Unfortunately, it is incredibly heavy, thus rendering it impractical in terms of being held against the leg by a stocking! Nonetheless, it is a wicked little blade, crafted from 440 steel by an expert knifemaker who put his heart and soul into its making.

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